SERIS launches its new corporate website

SERIS launches its new corporate website
December 2016

The SERIS Group launches its new corporate Web site,, revealing an entirely renewed identity.

With the objective to increase the digital presence of SERIS, it offers great visibility to the group identity, its values, its history as well as its safety-security expertise, now deployed across the world.

Designed in responsive design, this site has  an optimized ergonomics , which facilitate internet browsing and access to information, and makes all its content accessible the same way with  smartphone, tablet PC or computer.


The Graphic design, breaking with the previous site, is based on the new identity of the Group and incorporates more employees photos, because they are at the heart of the SERIS project.

Currently Putting the subsidiaries websites on line (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg), SERIS complements its new digital device, with the view  to set  up communication platforms with its customers, as well as  to facilitate cooperation with the employees through new tools.