SERIS reveals its new identity

SERIS reveals its new identity
December 2016

As SERIS launches its new digital feature, the fencer has a new look and reveals its new face.


To reinforce its brand power and to develop a significant and strong identity, SERIS choose an emblem which does become the key part of the Group identity : the fencer.

Fencing means strong values and fundamental human qualities : respect, courage, self- control, precision, vivacity, analysis capacity, reactivity or agility are few exemples.
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Among them, the fencer embodies 4 core values which belongs to SERIS every day : dynamism, respect, disciplin and share.


The dynamic paint brush combined to the play of light and shade make the fencer a strong, dynamic and timeless emblem. 


Through several postures, he becomes a real graphic signature for SERIS from now on used on every communication documents of the Group.

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