SERIS prepares the future with a new legal organization and adapted governance

October 2020

In order to pursue its sustainable and profitable growth on an international scale, the TEMPEREAU family structures the Private Security Group created in 1958 in Saint Nazaire.

From a legal point of view, a Family Office, named Gen.Tem, has been specifically set up to ensure the continuity and independence of the SERIS Group. It is owned by its founder Guy TEMPEREAU and his three children. This family holding company is now the shareholder of SERIS Group.

Guy TEMPEREAU is the President of Gen.Tem, Antoine MASSIET du BIEST the Managing Director.

At the same time, the founder of SERIS is taking a step back from the operational management of the Group to devote himself fully to his Family Office. The governance of SERIS now revolves around two newly created bodies: the Governance & Animation Board, and the Executive Committee.


The Board of Governance & Animation

The Board defines the Group's strategic orientations and general policy, and appoints the Executive Committee.

Chaired by Guy TEMPEREAU, the Board has six other members:


> his three children, representing the shareholder family:


  • Audrey PROU,

  • Sébastien TEMPEREAU.


> and leaders from outside the family whose backgrounds and experience within European and world leaders are recognized:

  • Dominique BAMAS,


  • Antoine MASSIET du BIEST.

The Group Executive Committee (EXCOM)

The EXCOM's mission is to implement the defined policy and to steer at the operational level all the SERIS Group's activities in Europe and Africa. It reports to the Governance and Animation Council.

The Executive Committee is currently made up of six members:

  • Patrick ABGRALL, CEO,

  • Yan NIQUET, Interim Executive President SERIS France,

  • Tomasz WOJACK, Executive President SERIS Konsalnet Poland,

  • Sven VAN HOUT, Interim Executive President SERIS Belgium,

  • Daniel MURCIANO, Group CFO,

  • Ariane MALBAT, Group HR Officer.


"As CEO , Patrick ABGRALL plays a key role within the Group. He succeeds me in the management of all SERIS teams in Europe and Africa. He will work on the elaboration and execution of the SERIS Group's global strategy with the ambition to raise it to the highest ranks of the Profession on an international scale " declares Guy TEMPEREAU, the founder and majority shareholder of SERIS.


"SERIS is a very fine family company, as discreet as it is solid, which throughout its history has been able to forge, bring to life and transmit strong values. These values, combined with the company's durability, the determination of its teams to offer customers the best service and its willingness to develop human capital are all assets that make SERIS a reliable and responsible partner. I am truly proud to represent the Group today alongside its 43,000 employees and to accompany it in its next phase of growth. I would like to thank Guy TEMPEREAU and his children for their trust and assure them of my total commitment to continue what they have undertaken" declares Patrick ABGRALL, CEO.