Complete solutions

A unique comprehensive offer

Through its different outlets and subsidiaries, SERIS Group is able to offer to companies and global organizations, a complete expertise on risk management and safety-security solutions.

Our level of technical expertise enables us to manage all aspects of the security values, from the beginning to the end, providing our customers a comprehensive offer.

With decades  experience  in security field SERIS has developed  a complete offer of security services, enabling it to answer to the various needs from its clients : guarding, mobile security, technologies, monitoring, training  audit and  consulting services, at least the computerised data storage.

In each country, we have several expert companies in their action area, enabling us to suggest combined offers, to adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers and give them the best solutions based as well on men as technologies.

As a consequence SERIS provides individual services adapted to each customer, as complementary expertises if needed. We give to our customers the benefit of the best solution, at the right price, for an optimal quality of service.

Moreover, next to AMARANTE INTERNATIONAL, SERIS Group is able to offer to companies and global organisations  a complete expertise on risk management and safety solutions  in sensitive areas, assuring  a complet and optimal support to companies in prevention and control of the risks linked to  their international development.


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Sectors of expertise

SERIS Group is able to answer needs and issues from its clients worldwide, thanks to knowledge adapted to all business sectors: 

We guarantee optimum standard of security, so that our customers can run their activities effectively whilst their employees, assets and reputation are being protected.