International locations

A global magnitude

SERIS is continuously growing since it benefits from the trust of multinational enterprises, international groups, and governments globally.

Safety-Security company, created in Saint Nazaire (France), more than sixty five years ago, SERIS, has been able, over the years, to position itself, first, at the regional level, then at the national one before deploying its know-how beyond the French borders. Quickly rised to the reference provider position in each of the European country where it is present, SERIS continued its development and asserted its international ambitions.

Since its partnership with the group AMARANTE INTERNATIONAL in 2015, SERIS Group, already implanted in Europe, extended its activities to the following new territories: Africa, South America and the Middle east. The set thus made up is represented by more than 20 foreign affiliates, and more than 15 strategic partnerships.

The experts intervene specifically in sensitive areas due to our staff being permanently deployed in these areas for the benefit of our customers, with also a logistical and strategic support provided from the France.

Our staff is accustomed to difficult environments as well as emergency situations.

Several of our experts are issued from the French elites, ministry of defense, ministère de l’intérieur and foreign office.