Seris - Amarante International


Risk Management and safety-security solutions

As in October 2015, Guy TEMPEREAU, Chairman of the Group SERIS, announced the buying of 44 AMARANTE’s INTERNATIONAL shares – AMARANTE is a reference operator in the french security market, he reaffirms his commitment to offer a comprehensive safety service to all international companies, including all the expertises in the security branch.

Totalling more than 20 subsidiaries and 300 employees, AMARANTE assists companies by anticipating and managing  risks linked to their international development. Thanks to its complementary expertise  AMARANTE is able to offer a comprehensive service, adapted to the constraints of establishment in sensitive areas. AMARANTE estimates  the risk exposure and build up all long term security features in order to protect companies investment and assets.

Thus, since 2015, the SERIS Group is able to propose an expertise in risk management and safety services in sensitive areas, supporting companies in their risk exposure and risk management (risk prevention and risk management internationally, protection of goods, features, information and technologies)

The perfect synergy between SERIS’s know-how and AMARANTE, enables to propose an integrated offer facilitating access to complex international markets.

The SERIS-AMARANTE expertise guarantees a comprehensive offer to all companies and international organisations, providing the highest standards in quality and compliance to the safety and security industry.

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