Our values

Our values

Our values reflect our history, our identity and our ambitions in the security market. They embody our corporate culture and are expressed through the daily actions of all our teams. They structure our professional approach and shape our relationships with all our stakeholders in all the countries where we operate.


Expertise: excelling in our business every day

Within the group, we are all driven by the same passion: to combine the best of people and technology and to mobilise the best know-how to provide a sustainable solution that is perfectly tailored to our customers' needs. As security specialists, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges of our business. We are committed to regularly training our teams and to supporting our clients' security strategy and systems with high standards and responsiveness.


Agility: acting with flexibility and responsiveness

Because the unexpected is at the heart of our business, our collective success is based on the conviction, support and mobilisation of everyone. Our ability to adapt to change, to market expectations and to the specific needs of our clients depends on the agility of each of our employees.

This agility, which translates into a decentralised organisation guaranteeing flawless execution, is above all a state of mind and a daily line of conduct.


Authenticity: nothing matters more than trust!

Authenticity is rooted in our history, our identity and our corporate culture. It shapes the way we act, based on respect, integrity, transparency and fairness. Key to maintaining the trust of all our stakeholders, it is a core value based on an ethical and irreproachable approach to our business.


Team spirit: using individual talent to enhance collective performance

Our business requires constant interaction and teamwork. Our strength lies in the diversity and complementarity of our talents. Collaboration, proximity and team spirit allow for a real synergy of skills and personalised and adapted support for our clients.

We are committed to maintaining and fostering this team spirit with all our stakeholders. This translates into absolute confidence in all our teams on a daily basis, particularly in the field, and direct and transparent communication with our clients and employees.

L’escrimeur, emblème du Groupe SERIS,  incarne ses valeurs : Respect, Partage, Discipline, Dynamisme