Our history

A half century of security expertise

Back on a success story of more than half a century which the way in which the Group has asserted itself as a market leader in France, Europe and also internationally.

  • Created in 1958 in the Saint Nazaire port area, the security company was at the beginning a family business. At this time, its activity was only the guarding of a few sites around Saint-Nazaire. Thanks to its growth, the company became quickly a public company in 1973 and opened its first agency in Brest in 1974.

    In 1975, the economic context linked to the oil crisis plunged the company into trouble, compelling to  organization changes. For six years involved in security business, Guy TEMPEREAU, 23 years old, bet on future by purchasing the company in 1976. In a few months, he achieved the first results and saved the company, which figures 30 years later at the top of the profession.


  • Convinced that staff professionalism is the base of any business, Guy TEMPEREAU created in 1978 the security school. One year later, he pursued his diversification policy by creating his first monitoring center as well as the activity of electronic equipments installation.

    The combining of human and technology in the 90’s give Sécurifrance a competitive edge in technological domain.  The monitoring and guidelines computerised management as the robotic automation enable to optimize a complete security system. 


  • At the same time, SERIS Group began its geographical development to cover progressively  the whole national territory : the agencies of Nantes, Rennes, Poitiers, Paris, Lille, Rouen, Orléans  were opened.

    In the 90’s, this policy is extended to the south of France : the agencies of Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse were born.

    The 2000’s  confirm this policy by associating  the internal growth to external growth, concretized  by two development operations in the East and the North of France, allowing the group to climb to the 3rd national rank.


  • SERIS Group achieved and important milestone by positioning itself at european level through successful external growth operations, in Belgium (Initial Security in 2006), then in the Netherlands (Group Perfect in 2010 and acquisition of the Group ANVD in 2011).

    As part of this opening beyond the French borders, the group, until then known as Securifrance, adopted the SERIS name for all of its activities.

    In 2013, SERIS Group finalized its establishment in Benelux by the creation of SERIS Luxembourg. The Group, in constant progression, reached 320 million Euros of turnover and confirmed its leading position.


  • In 2015, SERIS  accelerated  its development on the international scene thanks to a 44 % acquisition in the capital of Amarante International.

    Since then, SERIS Group is able to extend its skills internationally by reaching more sensitive, complex and strategic markets than it used to.

    Thanks to 400 million euros turnover exclusively achieved in safety-security business, SERIS become  french leader in worldwide security market.


  • histoire

    A half century of security expertise

  • In the 1980s, Seris diversified its activities: training, telemonitoring, electronic security

    In the 1980s, Seris diversified its activities: training, telemonitoring, electronic security

  • Geographical extension

    Geographical extension

  • A European dimension

    A European dimension

  • On the international course !

    On the international course !

1958-2018 : One destiny, one company, core values

In 2018, SERIS celebrated its 60 years of existence. 60 years in which the small company from Saint-Nazaire, driven by the audacity and tenacity of its CEO, Guy Tempereau, gradually climbed to the top 10 of the world ranking for security companies.

It is this beautiful entrepreneurial and family adventure that we wish you to discover within this anniversary book.

1958-2018 : 60 years of history!

Live through the SERIS' milestones !