Our values

Our values

Our values are reflecting our history, our identity and ambitions. They embody our corporate culture and do exist through daily actions from our teams. They build up our business approach and our relationship with every partner.

Respect, Sharing, Discipline and Dynamism: these are the values on which our Group is based and on which we base our operations in the various countries we operate.


Respect means that our interests but also the interests of all partners (employees, clients, suppliers) are considered. As we take into account diversity, career path, origins and needs we guarantee the sustainability of our actions.


Sharing of information skills, know-how and best practices are indispensable prerequisites for our missions and globally for our extension aim. Our jobs require every day to work together, meaning a strong spirit and teamwork.


Our team commits every day to apply and to let apply rules, guidelines and procedures guaranteeing the security of both indviduals and goods. SERIS seeks to developp process and methods in total compliance with legal and regulations framework. Thanks to discipline and requirements application, our team are providing the best service at all times.   


Our collectiv success is based on membership and mobilisation from all. The dynamism from each employee enables our flexibility regarding changes, market needings and customer specificities. The company encourages people who know to dare, to go beyond, and to take initiative.

L’escrimeur, emblème du Groupe SERIS,  incarne ses valeurs : Respect, Partage, Discipline, Dynamisme