November 2018

SERIS was the first security company to pass the ISO 9001 Audit Certification in 1995, under the impetus of Guy Tempereau.

Since its origins, SERIS’ priority has always been oriented towards customer satisfaction and loyalty through its services. The current security environment and the evolution of safety activities means we have to continually adapt our organisations. Within its activities, SERIS integrates a quality management system that enables it to continually consolidate and improve its services and its organisations in order to respond effectively to the expectations of its stakeholders.

Driven by the desire to improve its performance, SERIS strives to involve all its stakeholders (collaborators, customers, suppliers) in this process, which is a key part of the strategy and culture of the company. This dynamic provides a framework for operating, piloting and managing the company’s efficiency and competitiveness, therefore reaffirming its commitment to its customers and collaborators.

This first step has led to the acquisition of several certifications and recognitions in the various countries within which SERIS operates.