New step for the KDog project

August 2022

Let's focus on the new phase of the KDog project carried by the Institut curie and supported by Seris via a Multidimensional Patronage.

Since 2017, Seris has been a patron of the KDog - Cancer Detect Goup research and early detection programme for breast cancer. This project relies on canine odorology (the science of smells), whose olfactory abilities are far superior to those of humans, to support scientific and medical progress.

The exceptional nose of dogs is used to identify the specific smell of a tumour. The dog adopts a static sitting posture when a tumour is detected

Where do the training sessions take place?
At the training centre in the Marne region of France

What's new?
The KDog scientific team is working on a new protocol which consists of replacing the pads worn overnight on the breasts of female volunteers with urine samples from the patients.

The use of urine samples will take effect in 2022-2023

This new method has many advantages:

  • Hospital-based sampling allows for controlled collection and packaging
  • Sterile urine ensures the absence of pollutants and other contaminants
  • Multiple possible samples per urine collection helps control the need for volunteers
  • The new samples will help to eliminate the biases seen with cloth swabs

In conclusion, KDog and Seris combine scientific and canine expertise!